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Balanced Thinking

A Few Balanced Thoughts and Videos To Address The Negatives.

Q Anon. What or Who is Q?

Corona Virus Part 1

Corona Virus Part 2

Resources To Support 1,2,3

Affidavit v0.7

Andy Windsor- Mountbatten, Epstein, The False Royals and The List Will Be Rounded Up along with those involved in Child & People trafficking, Drug Trafficking and Adrenochrome Production Worldwide. Bankers who supplied Rehypothecated funds from our Bank Accounts to profit from this sick market and the Politicians that protected them will be held to account.

Little St James:

11 The Al Organization, Inc, Cyrus A. Parsa, Victims of ) . Case No.: '19CV2407 CAB AHG Persecution, Rape, Torture, Concentration Camps, 12 Sex, Human and Organ Trafficking and Organ Harvesting in China, Hong Kong, America and Around ) 13 the World, not limited to democracy activists, Falun COMPLAINT: Dafa Practitioners, Uyghurs, Christians, Tibetans, } 14 Judges, Lawyers and Journalists tortured and killed in China. John Does 1-Unlimited ) 15 16 17 Plaintiff(s), vs. Google L.L.C, Facebook Inc, DeepMind Inc, Alphabet 18 Inc, Neuralink Inc, Tesla Inc, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, l Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, CISON "} 19 PR Newswire & John Doe's 1-29 Defendant(s). (1 )MISUSE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, CYBERNETICS, ROBOTICS, BIOMETRICS, BIOENGINEERING, 5G AND QUANTUM COMPUTING TECNNOLOGY (2)ENDANGERING THE HUMAN RACE WITH THE MISUSE OF ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY (3)TRANSFER OF Al WEAPON 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27, 28 ) TECHNOLOGY TO CHINA l (4)COMPLICTY IN GENOCIDE, CHINA -1 (5)VIOLATION OF ARTICLE 1 GENOCIDE CONVENTION (6)VIOLATION OF ARTICLE 2 GENOCIDE CONVENTION, (?)VIOLATION OF ARTICLE 3 GENOCIDE CONVENTION, INSERT DOCUMENT TITLE {e.g., MOTION TO STRIKE) Case 3:19-cv-02407-CAB-AHG Document 1 Filed 12/16/19 PageID.2 Page 2 of 50 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 - 2 (8)VIOLATION OF ARTICLE 4 GENOCIDE CONVENTION, (9)SOCIAL ENGINEERING OF THE HUMAN RACE WITH ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE (10)BIO-DIGITAL SOCIAL PROGRAMMING OF THE HUMAN RACE BY USE OF THEIR BIOMETRICS & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (11)BRAIN WASHING HUMANITY WITH A.I. CODING & ALGORITHM BIAS (12) CULTURAL GENOCIDE BY MISUSE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (13)BREACH OF IMPLIED COVENANT OF GOOD FAITH AND FAIR DEALING ( 14 )DEFAMATION (15)NEGLIGENT INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS (16)NEGLIGENT CREATION OF NAFARIOUS Al TECHNOLOLGY 17)MASKING GENOCIDE WITH Al TECHNOLOGY 18)FRAUD AND INTENTIONAL DECEIT (19)NEGLIGENT MISPREPESENTATION (20)RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION (21)FAILURE TO ENGANGE IN INTERACTIVE PROCESS (22) A.I. CENSORSHIP and Banning "Al, Trump, China & the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G" and Masking "Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity" with use of Artificial Intelligence (23) Al ALGORITHM MISUSE & Al algorithmic biometric manipulation INSERT DOCUMENT TITLE (e.g., MOTION TO STRIKE) Case 3:19-cv-02407-CAB-AHG Document 1 Filed 12/16/19 PageID.3 Page 3 of 50 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 24)BREACH OF PRIVACY (25)VIOLATION OF THE NUREMBURG CODE (26) CREATING AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM THAT CAN RECOGNIZE AND DECODE IF HUMANS ARE RESISITANT TO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

Always a clear perspective from Neil Kramer:

Hi Guys. I continue to be asked my thoughts on the escalating corona virus caper. Well I’m totally happy to share my take on things, and I do hope it’s helpful in some way. For newcomers to some of the information below, I’m afraid I can’t go into extended dialog with tons of details, links, and comprehensive explanations. So this is just a bare-bones outline. Plus, some of the more sensitive material cannot be shared in public. Anyone who leaves abrasive or stupid comments will be deleted from this FB page. Please do your own research. Thank you.

As I understand it, the corona virus was originally conceived of as psyop* to disrupt the global social and political landscape in 2020, especially the November elections in the USA. Whilst there is indeed a physical component to covid19, the chief element of the psyop is the psychological anxiety and economic depression, both vastly disproportionate to the actual problem itself. It was to be another false-flag social engineering job from empire, akin to 911.

But something changed all that.

The whitehats** anticipated this empire pandemic stunt some time ago, and were ready to both attenuate the actual virus (decrease its severity) and sequester the media hoopla as camouflage for massive positive military and economic operations. Primary goals being to destroy empire’s communications, deactivate its munitions and foot-soldiers, and decapitate its leadership. Then, finally, to eliminate the corrupt financial systems that subjugate the common people. How these goals will be met is anyone's guess.

Keeping people socially distanced and housebound, is an excuse to keep most people out of harms way, especially if empire attempts further false-flag atrocities during the virus situation. All the while, positive military, economic, and judicial operations are taking place in the background.

They will change the way society, government, business, and finances operate going forward. The plan unfolds in phases. Many of the extraordinary activities will go unseen by the masses who remain largely oblivious (by their own choice) of the unthinkable evil embedded in society for generations.

The silent war continues nonetheless. Some operations will go public and will shock the world in a constructive way. “The world is at war with a hidden enemy.” Make no mistake, this conflict between good and evil is, at root, of a wholly spiritual and supernatural order.

Humans are not top of the tree. Important. People are going to need to look deeper and seek higher truth more earnestly than ever before. The social structures built on empire are dissolving and this will lead to some discomfort. This needs to happen. Goodness, justice, love, and spiritual truth will always triumph.


*Psyop - psychological operation, clandestine actions designed to influence the perceptions and attitudes of individuals, societies, and governments

**Whitehats - good guys in intelligence, military, government, politics, etc. As opposed to the blackhats, the bad guys.

Thought to derive from early Western movies where good characters often wore white hats, whilst bad guys invariably wore black hats."

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