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Mike Kane LBC
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Eleanor Roaf DPH TMBC LBC
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Covid Criminals - Courtenay - IoM
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22.09.23. GMP.TMBC. Mail trail re report Bait & Snatch. Part 3 TMBC.
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Boxndice Limited Mail - Ref RCB1287972 Part 1
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TMBC - Part 1
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TMBC- Part 2
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TMBC-Part 3
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10 Questions for Andrew Burnham 14th December 2023 ~ Master 0.5
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10 Questions Andrew Burnham
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If you can’t go up to London - then watch it on the telly or record it - even if you don’t view - let the powers that arn’t interested know you are!


A message from Andrew Bridgen, MP:

On Friday 20th October, I have secured the Adjournment Debate on excess deaths. This will be the first Debate on the subject anywhere in the world. This will mean that for the first time, a government will have to answer concerns about the global issue of excess deaths.

I will continue standing up and voicing the concerns of constituents and those further afield who demand answers from the government.

It is vitally important that people stand up and be counted and I would urge everyone to engage in this debate, if you can, tune in to Parliament TV or BBC Parliament at around 2 pm on Friday afternoon and I have the final debate in the chamber that day.

Thank you for reading,


Jaw-dropping watching the BBC out-BBC itself during its coverage of the parliamentary debate on excess deaths today. No fewer than nine egregious slogans were cycled onscreen throughout MP Andrew Bridgen’s speech, presumably in a failed attempt to undermine the many verifiable statements he was making.

An honest media should be functioning as a watchdog; a line of defence between the public and forces of power and influence; holding said forces to account. Not simply acting as a mouthpiece and propaganda arm for them. We’ve seen the results of the latter over the last three years or more, and it has been disastrous.

The public deserve better than this.

Lucjan Domanski - Court Docs-3.1.22 (1) (3)
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GMP CEASE & DESIST NOTICE ~ Response ~ The Cut A Preamble v1.7

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The Cut ~ Your Digital Twin ~ Explained ~ Kurtis R. Kallenbach


Enabling the use of digital identities in the UK

We’re working to help people securely prove who they are without having to rely on physical documents.

Isle of Man COVID 19 Enquiry.

UK COVID 19 Enquiry

Andrew Burnham Schedule List (1) (3)
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GMCA Devolution 18.03.2015
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Hampshire Police Dont Want You To Report Crimes Against The People

Greater Manchester Police ~ Dont Want You To Identify Crimes Against The People: Neither Does Mike Kane MP.

Manchester 18.11.23 Protests against Jabs 5G SMART Meters Carbon 0.04%. The Zionist agenda. Blurring of the lines Mike Kane MP & Others in it up to their Necks. Deflect. Confuse. The Truth is out there, but you wont get it from Mike Kane MP or most in Westminster. Apart from Andrew Bridgen MP reclaim. Mancunians will not be safe in the hands of those authorities that work for the UN, WHO, WEF or similar non elected globalists. Mike Kane MP case study 4 We The People 2020:


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