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5G Apocalypse - London Event.

5G The Apocalypse - Extinction Event in Full.

The States Are Taking The FCC

To Court. Precautionary Principle MUST BE THE WAY FORWARD.

It is apparent the UK Government has failed the people and not performed their constitutional and sovereign duty… There are many examples where the government has vandalised the constitution and actively moving against the people who elected them.

Considered by many as a series of unlawful and treasonous acts; acts for which the people have the right to hold them accountable…

Written into the constitution and various bills that support Article 61, the people have the right to withdraw their consent for any government that is not prepared to hold up and support the constitution and rule of law!

“The public place trust in our politicians is a matter of contract law requiring them to perform this duty.

To preserve our spiritual and civil rights and properties, a legal duty to protect the constitution”.

It is worth remembering: The government work and represent the people. The people do not work for the government. Article 61 is there to protect the people for a tyrannical government, a situation that appears for failure to deliver Brexit vote.

The UK has a constitutional crisis that remains unresolved...

“There appears no media coverage of the concept of “Lawful Rebellion”, simply because the Government controlled media does not want you to be aware of the subject!”

It is time for the people of the UK to wake up. The BBC’s purpose is to keep the people dumb, on the back foot and report misinformation from government .

The UK Government seems to be colluding and acting against the will, and constitutional rights of the people...

The government and the wilful collusion of Parliament on all sides, the House of Commons meant to represent Common people and Law, and the House of Lords that represent the Kleptocrats have demonstrated over two years of Brexit they are prepared to disregard the will and votes of the people.


Cases against Judges Who Are Bought BY Rothschilds & Rockefellers.

We Are Under Attack Economically from Banks & Complicit Bought MP's

& Physically Through 5G, SMART meters & now

Resilient City Strategies through THE RAND Organisation.

Theresa May Prevents The Banking Tribunals

APPG Banking 16.10.18 Agreed John Glen Had To Answer Questions

In Parliament Mike Kane Stopped This From Happening?

That Result in £190 Billion in Fraud Each Year. Average.

The Judicial System Is Managed By The City Financiers & Will Not Find On Behalf Of The People But Will Do As Instructed By The Corporates. They are Leveraged.

How Do We Know This?

We Have Criminal Activity That Is Profitable In Telecomms, Medicine & Law.

Q: Who Always Gets Paid Out Even Though No Funds Are Lent. A: Banks

1939 Cancer Act Section 4. Its illegal to find a cancer cure?

FCC Telecomm's Regulators Say 5G is Safe? Deadly Toxic Solution.

A Rigged Decision To Aid The City Banksters & Their Corporate Entities.

260 Lords left the House of Lords after the Queen (Liz) was proven to not be the true Monarch. Joseph Hallett explains. They were replaced by the Supreme Court in decision making 1999.

The Shin - The Forbidden Secret.

Joseph Gregory Hallett

Caroline Stephens.

Greg Hallet (Joseph G Hallet) King of UK. Part 1

Greg Hallet (Joseph G Hallet) King of UK. Part 2

Greg Hallet (Joseph G Hallet) King of UK. Part 3

Greg Hallet (Joseph G Hallet) King of UK. Part 4

Videos Removed From Circulation 6/10/19 ?

Episode 21: The Constitution, the Queen, the House of Lords & Roman Holiday

PART-2 Caroline Stephens chats with- Greg Hallett 18 September 2019

Elizabeth II does not have the Caduceus to trade as the Monarch – we do.

Coronation Day was not the Coronation of Elizabeth II, but the Coronation of ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’, which was born in the same 1953 year.

We opened the Royal Dossier in February 1996.

Word got out to the Lords that Elizabeth was not the Queen.

The Lords protested the Westminster Houses of Parliament to change their oath to:

‘An oath to the People’.

QEII and Prime Minister Tony Blair had 266 Lords stripped of their speaking rights in the Houses of Parliament, then their visitation rights, and were then struck off as though they were dead … as though their titles were now relinquished, and never existed.

Witnesses confirmed that, and that they never spoke about it, and never returned to the House.

These were the steps Elizabeth II ‘Queen’ took to prevent the public knowing that she was not the Queen and never has been the Queen – nor have the last three or four Generations of her Ancestors … with 23 illegitimacies down the main trunk line – of which she is an illegitimate – as confirmed by the Coronation year 1953 film ‘Roman Holiday’, which shows and names “Joseph Gregory” as the true King of England, and the future Mayfair Lady Audrey Hepburn as “An”, meaning ‘Commoner’.

Prime Minister John Major confirmed this 44 years later in 1997, with: “The Queen is now just a Commoner”.

Balfour Agreement. Created After Lord Balfour Compromised For Paedophilia by Rothschilds

Not Worth Paper They Are Written On.

Liz is A Fake Queen Placed By

Rothschild's lineage Manipulation

QE2 (Fake Royalty) : Will Abdicate to

Joseph Gregory Hallet?

Greg Hallet (Joseph G Hallet) King of UK. Part 5

Royal Acknowledgements are done through Royal Flyovers, Cocaine and Heroine Dumps?

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