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IMPACT 101 Launch 17.01.19

Impact 101 Launched 17th January 2019. This is a Crowdfunding platform with the advantages of a Marketing suite built in.

Configurable/ Branded skin. See examples at page footer.

A single interface, single payment to rent the platform software for 6 or 12 months @ $25 or $40 annually. Then revenues as the table below.

Example: Grid Level 1 $40 In receive $120 Out.

200% Return on Capital per each Donation Grid.

Completion of the Grids is done through your own efforts by introduction and by the business rules of the software within the Impact 101 suite.

Full technical support that is to grow and scale as the membership increases.

The President is Frank Servedio working alongside his chief support engineer Hans Looman and their team.

Slide Deck download here : PDF Slide Deck.

Mobile QR Scans 17.01.19 - 09.02.19

Frank Servedio - 45 year Success in Business.

•20 Years Marketing and Sales Experience.

•2002 formed Castle Rock Research BC. Study guides.

•Specialism: Marketing, QR Codes, Mobile Landing Pages.

•2011 he formed QRGL Marketing Inc.

•With Hans Looman.

2019 Launched IMPACT101

Hans Looman - 30 years in Business

•Develops Custom Solutions for Leading Tech Companies.

•Board of Directors Link Global Technologies Inc.

•Canadian Blockchain Company.

•2011 Formed QRGL Marketing Inc.

2019 Launched IMPACT101

The platform supports both online and mobile marketing.

Impact101 Mobile Landing Page

Impact101 Replicated Website



Advertise and Generate Cashflow 24/7 Globally

All business types. Pets, Solicitors, Property, Anything

Impact101 Standard Design for Crowdfunding

Hair dressers, Restauraunts no downtime always be earning.

CONTACT: 07976 302068

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