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Source Data To Establish There Is A Problem For Us All To Address.

From an email to a friend. His Business with 200 plus staff: November 2019.

Note: These Guys Drive Taxis For a Living.

Their Business Will Be Impacted By Autonomous "Driverless" Vehicles.

Based On The False Narrative Of Global Warming (400 Year Cooling Cycle - Maunder Minimum) Also The CO2 Problem - False Directive. We Need CO2.

Their Health From LED Street lighting & Cancer Impact of Sitting Over Lithium Ion Cells.

In Manchester as Other Cities Promoting "Clean Air" We Have A Local Government Problem. They Say We Need SMART Energy and Technologies?

SMART - Secret Militarised Armaments In Residential Technology.

What Is Being Delivered Is An Ideal Based on The Thought Process of Eugenics.

These Were Practiced in Germany in the 1930's to 1945. Often Referred To as The Holocaust. Now Look At Resilient Cities?

We Have A Problem. Its Kept Out Of The News And Those Who Are Attempting To Get The Word Out Are Being Kept From Public Platforms & Mainstream Media.

The Wrong Solutions are Being Delivered Based On A False Narrative.

This Is Being Delivered By The Rand Organisation a Rockefeller Consultancy and Rothschild's who are Behind The 2008 Financial Crash.

The Next Crash Is Being Scheduled By Design. Bank Fraud Is Systemic.

Take The Time To Review and Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Links.

Look For The Signs. Do Your Own Research.


Go over the videos, text and linked documents. 5G as a global technology solution containing LED Street Lighting, Radar Components, SMART meters and WiFi combined


Read, View, Watch. Draw Your Own Conclusions.

Global Warming Is A Myth, Extinction Rebellion is a Soros funded UN, Common Purpose, UK Local and Central Government supported narrative to bring in the technologies that will see you to an early grave. By Design. Research Resilient Cities, Rand Organisation and Rockefellers.


John Kitson Discusses Fart Bags For Cows -US. The Latest Green Initiative To Reduce CO2?

John Kitson as an Independent 5G Awareness Candidate banned from Council Debate for

Mark Steele: Energy Weapons :

Police Attempt To Arrest or Invite For Questioning Mark Steele.

He identified Genocide and the Local Councils Criminal involvement:

Coherence - The light intensity shown on the ground "LightSpot"

Collimated Light - Multiple LEDs in parallel makes the Light Head Unit an Energy Weapon.

Blue Phosphor Coated LEDS Cause Macular Degeneration:

Illegal, Untested, Uninsurable,

Mark Steele - Police in Northumbria Begin The 5G LED Cover Up?


Request to Reopen the case for the whole picture to be revealed to The Greater Manchester Public. Email.

See The Linked Videos Below.

Do Your Own Research. Start Here

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars identifies the degree of Social Engineering being brought into play under the narrative of Acts of Terror and the agencies that are funded through Western Governments and our taxes to support groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS that effectively are run from Whitehall Cross, GCHQ, MI5/ MI6 and the Pentagon through organisations such as the CIA and DVD. Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst or "For Those Who The War Never Ends" AKA. German Intelligence.

We expect the Deep State, Royals, Bilderberger's Network to Unravel with its close links to Child Trafficking, Paedophilia and the testimonies of The ITNJ witness programme.

The Deep States Programmes are devised to create fear, manipulate and control. The information below follows my personal journey and those who I shared data with and now work alongside to prevent Silent Weapons and the figures from becoming a reality.

Their Aim Is To Create Fear, Enabling Easier "Control of The Masses".


Defence Energy Weapons Expert.


WATCH: Episode 18 President Trump & Queen Elizabeth II acknowledge Joseph Gregory Hallett as having represented the End Times and New Age on 16 August 2014, each doing a flyover on the same day (3 June 2019), 4 hours apart, both planes dropping to 1150ft and half-speed overhead. Joseph Gregory Hallett requested confirmation of representing the End Times-New Age and this is how they did it, 1752 days later.

This refers to 14 September 1752, when the Gregorian Calendar began on Joseph Gregory Hallett's birthday. So, codified confirmation.

Points of Reference: Terms if Not Familiar.

Background information generally you will find across two sites that i captured articles and info to support what i'm saying these are and the blog of

The Property Action Group Slide Deck Gives A Pictoral Journey As Research and my experiences unfolded.

My starting point was the identification of a £200 Million Bank Securities fraud that was eventually traced back to HM Treasury endorsed, HMRC aware, covered up by the FSA then FCA , Police, Serious Fraud Office and some MPs.

Effectively the UK is being brought down Financially, Economically Physically by those who control corrupted

MP's PM's. Treasury & HMRC.


SME's & INVESTORS estimated 100 Billion?


BY The Regulatory, Legal & Protection System

Bank Securities Fraud: 5000 Properties £30,000- £40,000 overvalued. Property Bubbles

UK North West. Typical of the Problem Nationally. Hence Negative Equity, Nationally.

FSA, FCA, Police, SFO Did Nothing. Nothing To Be Seen Here?



My MP Mike Kane, Wythenshawe & Sale East Confirmed this after a meet in Portcullis House, Westminster 16.10.18 after agreeing Questions needed to be asked of Treasury Minister John Glen MP with All Party Political Group Banking.

APPG Banking Heather Buchanan Exec Director, MP Kevin Hollinrake, James Ventress Parliamentary Official.

At the follow up meet 30.11.18, Mike Kane chose to burst into a tirade of "Your Anti Semitic" and a "Conspiracy Theorist".

"Mike Didn't Want To Be The One To Expose The Fraudulent Situation - The Cover Up in The House of Commons & Parliament." ITS TELEVISED!!

My Wider Investigations Showed There Was An Inside Job.

Bringing Down The UK Economy. By Stealth. All The Way To Government.

Mike.. Your Flyers Aren't Exactly Honest. And My Experience Tells Me You Should

Carry Out A Degree Of Self Examination. The Climate Change That Was Global Warming Says Your Bought As Is Andy Burnham's GMCA Team.

Links: December 4th 2019. There is No Time Limits When Investigating Fraud.

Assault Genocide or Treason.

Freedom Of Information Act 2000: GMCA. Street Lighting & Furniture Audit Request.

FSA/ FCA POLICE, Serious Fraud Office Banking Cover Up.. Thousands of cases.

All The Way To The Treasury & HMRC and Senior Political Figures.

To Summarise Section 348. If The Bank Of England and Its Owners or part of the Banking Cartel Are Going To Come Under Scrutiny. Throw This Financial Services Act at Them To Throw Them Off The Scent.. This Act Makes It A Criminal Offence To Tell The Truth.

The Big Picture. The City, The Banks, Politicians, PM's, The Fraud. The Cover Up!

October 2018. After Much Research and Stories of

Losses for Businesses & Investors. Data With APPG Banking

After the tirade 30.11.18 Mike Kane was Corrected there and then and i reported back to MP Kevin Hollinrake and APPG Banking Exec Director Heather Buchanan. Others had reported similar events and personal findings in business. Many were members as I of The SME Alliance

An Economic Hit Man Confesses and Calls to Action | John Perkins | TEDxTraverseCity

Disbelief and Your Mad were the Early Responses.

Now some are not so sure. You decide.

Eric Idol's Monty Python, Tin Hat Piece. Strikes a chord?

Watch The Trailer and Read The Narrative - Hear It From Others. How Systemic UK Fraud Has Robbed UK Small Businesses of £100 Billion and Thousands of Jobs.

Bank initiated Fraud Running At £190 Billion a year in the UK.

Speech Linked.

In brief those behind the UK Govt, those who control the Politicians, call them Deep State, Elite, The Crown, Bilderberg Group whatever the term your most comfortable with are undermining the UK and Western economies Financially and Physically through planned acts of Economic Destruction, Assault and now Genocide.

This ultimately is about reducing the global population and increasing population control within the United Nations Agenda 21 Agenda 2030 Frame work.

Agenda 21 Sounds Great When Reading. But In Practicality they Have A Different Plan.

Local Governments For Sustainability - GMCA?

Sustainable Development: AKA Centralised Control Over All Human Life On Earth

500 Million is the UN Global population Figure on the

Georgia Guidestones.

I will later refer to the content numbered below but we have to remember how they are financed and to cut off their finances we need to move to an alternative financial platform.

They create fiat currency from our signatures on promissory notes, securities and bills of exchange. We sign Power of Attorneys built into Contracts we are not aware of and they create further "Off the Books" finances without our known consent.

The Legacy Gold/ Kinesis model moves away from the Banking Fiat currency to Gold and Silver backed 1:1 Gold and Silver as true money.

Migrate Away,

Save and Increase Finances,

Save lives.

The next part is your self preservation of others and family and friends

and those who want to know.

This will be too much for many to take onboard.

Move on. Next. They will Come back as the situation impacts them.

HEALTH & Welfare.

We will not save everyone it's physically impossible to teach or direct everyone.

This information is for those who need to know more and prepared to act now.


Denial, Anger, Depression, Acceptance

Only those who are prepared to listen

then act will survive!

The Positive Bit:

Light Water Magnetism Fixes You:

Look to the vaccines info also from Common Law Courts Courtenay Heading's findings:!ApCwWYmI_p2DhuFEdaHOdMv_RB8Ryg?e=W0VAiQ

Cancer causing elements are being placed in vaccines and they have Gaoled the UK people who created the cancer cure Gc MAF: Lyn Thyer & David Noakes on Tag.

Lyn Thyer was deported, now in a French Gaol.

David Noakes is on Tag and dealing with UK courts currently.

Aided by John Smith of Common Law Courts.

The 1939 Cancer Act Section 4 Makes it illegal to find a cure for cancer? See the supporting info here:

Defence Energy Weapons fitted on UK street furniture and LED street lights will give you cancer in the next few years without protection..Exeter and Barcelona Uni findings.

Attending Moot Hall Courts Newcastle,16th May 2019 I was Introduced To Mark Steele's Aunt & Uncle.

Mark Had Identified What I Could See Was A Silent Weapons Quiet Wars Style Event.

Defence Energy Weapons On The Streets of Gateshead.

I Explained My Background & Findings. They Introduced Me To Mark At A Break in The Proceedings.

Marks Data To Date Has Been The Most Invaluable To Support stats and prove Silent Weapons Are Being Used In A Quiet War Against The People of The UK.

But Who By? Read On.

“Blue light” of LED streetlights linked to breast and prostate cancer

Jack Kruse: The Retina Is Part of The Brain.

Blue LED Poor Cell Viability. White LED Poor Cell Viability. Green LED Good Cell Viability.

Killer Tech: Google Glasses.

Killer Tech: Hidden in street furniture. UK & Overseas.

Assault, Criminal Offences, Genocide. GMCA, Trafford, contacted May 2019 to Date.

Killer Tech-On Your Streets.

The “blue light” emitted by street lights including LEDs, and commercial outdoor lighting such as advertising, is linked to a significant increase in the risk of breast and prostate cancer, innovative new research has concluded.

This is in breach of the Nuremburg Code:

Further your own research. Start to implement solutions indicated as soon as you can.

Historically this ties to the linked documents.

Starting With Nikola Tesla,

This Tells You That This "New" Tech

Defence Energy Weapons. Is Not New :1915 Patent.

Tesla at 78 Bares New "Death Beam" An Invention Powerful Enough To Destroy 10,000 Planes 250 Miles Away. Tesla Asserts To Be Used As

Defence Weapons Only.?

Tesla's New Device is Like Bolts of Thor.

He Seeks to Patent Wireless Engine

For Destroying Navies By Pulling A Lever.

To Shatter Armies Also.

Now Fitted To Street Furniture & LED Street Lamps UK!!

Failsworth - Manchester @ 9 Foot in height.

Other Locations Across GMCA,

North West & UK

6000 mV/ Meter 24/7: 200mV/M 6 Mins.

See Dr Sarah Starkey's findings linked.


- NOT Government. Democracy finished.


John Harris RIP - TPUC. British Constitution Group: Corporations.

We Need Our Police Men & Women To Realign With Common Law. They Were Taught This As Standard Originally, Talking With Ex Police Staff. Now It Has Been Dropped. Cause No Harm, Loss or Injury.

Corporate's Controlled By The Funds of The 1% & Secret Societies.

1952 The Societies Agreed To Work as One. !953 2nd June. Coronation Day, Silent Weapons Quiet Wars was Commenced. 1954 The Secret Societies Became The Bilderberg Group.

Zoom In To reveal Names UK Political Parties & UK City Council Representation.

and therefore: Why We Need A Clean Break BREXIT.

5G, LED Street Lighting, Small Cells Tx

EMF Densification


Secret Militarised Armaments in

Residential Technology.




How Deep State Rothschild, Rockefellers plan to reduce the population numbers.

See Grenfell 2 and 5G The Apocalypse links first.. Study Eugenics: Link

Operated remotely via an EMP electro magnetic pulse. Who is managing our councils Lighting Management Systems,

Electricity and why do we need so many small cell 5G antennae?

Examples: Grenfell Towers, Paradise California - Fires, Korean 5G Switch ON.

Grenfell 2: Mark Steele DEW Analysis: .


Coventry 5G Switch On:

John Kitson UKIP Conference:

JK Extinction Rebellion Expose: Global warming hoax. Global cooling fact:


Agenda 21/ 2030 - Rosa Koir::

GMCA - GMP communications:

Manchester GMCA, Trafford MPs Others. email and references:

Ian Ferguson US cell installer:


They Have Placed Cancer Causing Technology On Your Premises.

JERRY FLYNN.. ex Canadian Intelligence Officer:

JK SMART meter removal:

The Timperley Cheshire 5G Mast Readings

Resilient Cities - Project Fear

Remember This Fella From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Same Philosophy.. Your Councils Were Bribed

& You Are Being Taken For A Ride.

Kai Strittmatter. We Have Been Harmonised:

The Supporting Materials Are Important. Many Cities In The UK Are Deploying The Same Surveillance AI infrastructure With The Same Outcome In Mind. Watch What Is Happening To The Chinese Hong Kong Students. If We Dont Take Appropriate Steps It Will Happen To You And Yours. This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory. This Is A Fact. Understand Agenda 2130. Its 10 Years Away. Children & Grandchildren Will Lose Their Freedom & Many Their Lives.

Silent Weapons Quiet Wars, Provides Your Materials For Reference. Your MP's PM's Know This But Are Bought or Compromised.

Hong Kong: 800,000 Pro Democracy Protestors Celebrate Their Election Win. Full article

"We want Hong Kong to continue being Hong Kong,” said Alice Wong, 24, a biology researcher who stood among protesters gathered at Victoria Park. “We don’t want to become like China.”

As many as 800,000 people attended the march, according to Civil Human Rights Front, an advocacy group that organized the gathering.

The mood at the march was relaxed, with people taking selfies against a backdrop of the vast crowds. Children, some dressed in black, marched with their parents, holding hands as they shouted, “Stand with Hong Kong!”

Theresa May Sells Out The UK Defence's to Europe - Rothschilds.

May Is Ex Bank of England Rothschild Insider. Supporting Data

The Deep State through their Banking interests are to bring down the Global Financial System. Again. By Design.

Silent Weapons Quiet Wars (SWQW) final act. Collapse of Currency.

Since most of the general public will not exercise restraint, there are only two alternatives to reduce the economic inductance of the system.

(1) Let the populace bludgeon each other to death in war, which will only result in a total destruction of the living earth.

(2) Take control of the world by the use of economic "silent weapons" in a form of "quiet warfare" and reduce the economic inductance of the world to a safe level by a process of benevolent slavery and genocide.

The latter option has been taken as the obviously better option. At this point it should be crystal clear to the reader why absolute secrecy about the silent weapons is necessary. The general public refuses to improve its own mentality and its fait h in its fellow man. It has become a herd of proliferating barbarians, and, so to speak, a blight upon the face of the earth.

Mind Control, MI5, MI6, Tavistock Institute, the CIA and MK Ultra:



Phil Wants Voluntary Family Limitation?

UK 66 Million to 15 Million By 2025 Source:


Silent Weapons Quiet Wars Is The Oath Of Princess Elizabeth (Battenburg) 3/16 Rothschild To Phil The Nazi 2.6.1953

HRH Liz 2 & Phil Wanted For Child Abduction in Canada:


Thursday, 01 April 2010 11:08 Signed statement by survivor witness followed by copy of letter already given to the Queen in January, 2008 by residential school survivors in Canada.

Statement of William Arnold Combes.

I am an Interior Salish spirit dancer and am 58 years old. I live in Vancouver, Canada.

I am a survivor of the Kamloops and Mission Indian residential schools, both run by the Roman Catholic church. I suffered terrible tortures there at the hands especially of Brother Murphy, who killed at least two children. I witnessed him throw a child off a three story balcony to her death.

He put me on a rack and broke some of my bones, in the Kamloops school basement, after I tried running away.

I also saw him and another priest burying a child in the school orchard one night.

In September 1964 when I was 12 years old, I was an inmate at the Kamloops school and we were visited by the Queen of England and Prince Phillip. I remember it was strange because they came by themselves, no big fanfare or nothing. But I recognized them and the school principal told us it was the Queen and we all got given new clothes and good food for the first time in months the day before she arrived.

The day she got to the school, I was part of a group of kids that went on a picnic with the Queen and her husband and school officials, down to a meadow near Dead Man's Creek.

After a while, I saw the Queen leave that picnic with ten children from the school, and those children never returned.

We never heard anything more about them and never saw them again even when we were older. They were all from around there but they all vanished.

The group that disappeared was seven boys and three girls, in age from six to fourteen years old. I don't remember their names, just an occasional first name like Cecilia and there was an Edward.

What happened was also witnessed by my friend George Adolph, who was 11 years old at the time and a student there too

__________ _______ __ William Arnold Combes (signed and witnessed in the original)

February 3, 2010 Vancouver, Canada ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- Media Advisory:

Queen of England Issued a Letter of Demand, Possible Lawsuit by Indian Residential School Survivors.

Evening of Thursday, January 24, 2008 Unceded Squamish Territory ("Vancouver, Canada")

Elizabeth Windsor, the Queen of England, was issued a Letter of Demand yesterday that requires that she identify the fate and burial sites of all the children who died in Indian Residential Schools established under the authority of the Church of England and the British Crown.

The Letter was handed personally to Governor-General Michaelle Jean by aboriginal elder Carol Martin at the Downtown Eastside Womens' Centre in Vancouver in the afternoon of Wednesday, January 23. Ms. Martin asked the Governor-General to deliver the Letter of Demand to the Queen on behalf of residential school survivors, and the Governor-General accepted the Letter and assured her that she would.

As a Common Law Notice, the Letter requires that the Queen comply with the request to identify the grave sites and cause of death of these children within thirty days, or face possible legal action.

"The buck stops at Buckingham Palace" commented another aboriginal elder and residential school survivor. "The Queen, and the Pope, are the ones responsible for the genocide their government and churches did to my people. She has to be held accountable. She has the power to help bring our children home, finally."

In recent weeks, similar Letters of Demand have been issued to officials of the Canadian government and the Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada by residential school survivors. Karl Ratzinger, Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, is scheduled to be issued a similar Letter of Demand soon.

A national press conference to announce the next stage in this Truth Campaign will be held on Monday, February 4 at 10:00 am outside the Prime Minister's Office at 80 Wellington street in Ottawa. Organizer Kevin Annett (Eagle Strong Voice) will be present at this event.

For more information contact:

The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (Chief Louis Daniels, Anishinabe Nation, Patron) c/o 1-888-265-1007 (pager) or: hiddenfromhistory@

Public Notice

Letter of demand from the Elders and Members of the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared

23rd January 2008

To: Elizabeth Windsor, aka "Queen of Great Britain"

Buckingham Palace, London, England

(Transmitted through the office and person of Michaelle Jean, Governor-General of Canada)

Dear Ms. Windsor,

This Public Letter of Demand is issued to you, Elizabeth Windsor, as one who claims the title and fiduciary responsibility of Queen of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, and Head of the Church of England in Canada, aka the Anglican Church.

We, as the friends and relatives of tens of thousands of children who died or were murdered in Indian Resedential Schools in canada established and run by your Church of England and the British Crown from 1867 to 1996, do hereby demand that you, Elizabeth Windsor, in your capacity of Queen of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, and head of the Church of England, publicly disclose the cause of death and whereabouts of the buried remains, of all children who died in Indian Residential Schools operated by the Church of England in Canada, aka the Anglican Church.

This Common law Notice also requires that you, Elizabeth Windsor. arrange the immediate repatriation without conditions of the remains of thesen persons to their holes for a proper burial.

This Common Law Notice also requires that you, Elizabeth Windsor, publicly name and surrender all persons in or employed by the Government of Canada and the Anglican Church who are responsible for or complicit in these deaths and disappearances, and all documents and evidence related to the same.

This Common Law Notice also requires that you, Elizabeth Windsor, compel Canada through its Governor-General to comply with these requirements of natural justice and international law.

If you, Elizabeth Windsor, fail to comply with these requirements within thirty(30) days of you recieving this notice through the medium of the Governor-General of Canada, it will be assumed that you do not dispute these claims contained herein, and legal action may be commenced against you.


Jeremiah Jourdain

on behalf of the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared

isssued under the Tribal Land Law Juristiction of the Squamish Nation on unceded Squamish Territory.

Read and Hear the truth of Genocide in Canada, past and present, at this website: , and watch Kevin's award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT on the same website.

UNREPENTANT: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide.

-- Winner, Best Foreign Documentary Film, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, March 2007, Best Director of a Foreign Documentary, New York Independent Film Festival, October 2006.

-- Winner, Best Canadian Film, Creation Aboriginal Film Festival, Edmonton, 2009

"Kevin is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than many who have received it in the past." - Dr. Noam Chomsky Institute Professor Emeritus Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"As a long time front line worker with the Elders' Council at the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, I stand behind what Kevin Annett is trying to do for our people. The genocide that continues today and which stemmed from the residential schools needs to be exposed. Kevin Annett helps break the silence, and brings the voice of our people all over the world." Carol Muree Martin - Spirit Tree Woman Nisgaa Nation