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Strawman - Bond - Birth Cert

John Harris - Its An Illusion

Bibi Bacchus.


Stand Under Universal Law & The Creator

The ULC Trust separates legal and fiction from Law and Fact. The name you were given at birth is capitalised and the terms undisclosed to your parents. We place your name under our own Non Disclosure when you Assign the Consent via the We Buy Any Debt site (see button) and is placed under ULC Trust Non Disclosure, any unlicensed or unauthorised use creates a debt to Kindness via the creation of a Kindness Credit Account that the debt is settled through. Credits of Kindness are "loaned" to the party creating the delict or tort and this action on their part against you creates a Consuming of My Credit Agreement (CCA) to be agreed to by the usage of the credit file that is attached to the capitalised version of your given name. This gives you back your Equity stolen by the Vatican. In other words we prosecute them for using something that is not theirs and for forcing their commercial code upon living beings. See Maritime Law you are treated like a ship that can be "lost to the sea"

Anyone attempting to get you incriminate yourself by forcing you to commit fraud by using a name that was copyrighted by the system they represent are criminals... don't be one yourself.

Aiding and abetting a criminal act is a crime and those responsible for it are obligated to be arrested. Should a policy enforcer attempt to get you to commit fraud by having you lay a claim to a copyrighted name belonging to the Crown or other corporations masquerading as Governments then you are obliged to use reasonable force to prevent a crime from being enacted.

None of the procedure regarding the Birth Certificate was done with your consent or autographed by you in fact all contracts created from the capitalised version of the given name is fraud. As its terms and conditions of the creation of the birth certificate bonding system were not disclosed to your parents. No party can contract on your behalf and you couldn't even hold a pen at 42 days old.

You have been assuming the role as a Vatican Debtor since you were born overtime you use that name you commit fraud as it is not yours to use it was copyrighted by the Crown and every time you use it you move from the realms of Law and Truth and step into the land of fiction which administrative codes and court have the jurisdiction of that fraud.

Hence you inherit all the liabilities, he who holds title holds the liability. Here we hold the Title while you enjoy your rights of use free from penalty liens and levies.

Which are only payable if you are in commerce. ULC Trust removes the false presumption that you are always in commerce.

Just one sentence is all you need know

" if i take your name and use it to commit a contract with, without your consent .. what is that ? " FRAUD ... "so if a system takes my name and uses it to create a contract with, what is that ?" FRAUD on an international scale, it is also operating a slavery system.

Now you have a choice... Reserve your rights using UCC 308 "not obliged to perform under a contract i did not knowingly enter into".

Rebutting the Presumption you are The Debtor

It really is pointless attempting to even consider this unless you have an understanding that you are The Creditor and have been all your life. You have been crediting a monetary system supporting greed and terrorism funnelled through your everyday transactions and gambled upon on The Stock Exchange.

You are NOT the Debtor. Those who have been utilising your utility account hold the debt to you. Under Mercantile Law amendment Section 5 you will see the definition of Surety when you assign your consent to Act on your Authority what have you really done there??

You have taken the authority that was assumed via the birth certificate away form the Vatican and granted it to another party. EMOVEN who is EMOVEN .. well EMOVEN is your legal entity now instead of having the Title of Debt Slave of the Vatican you have reverted back to a true definition of you .. Energy and Matter Moving EMOVEN. EMOVEN is the ONLY authority to Act in regards to that account from now on any other party doing so will be prosecuted for theft and trespass and fraud. When a corporation of an account you have assigned does not abide by Mercantile Law 5 and does not pass all the accounts to the party standing Surety to them they make their system of buying and selling accounts not only unlawful but now also illegal. They make it without authority, they make it obsolete.

Artemis Sorras

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