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29.3.19. The Death Of Democracy UK?

Yesterday was a landmark day in many respects.

It was the day we were meant to leave the European Union. EU.

It was the day the Leave Means Leave marchers arrived in Parliament Square for the Rally that should have celebrated the EU termination that has cost the UK so much since Ted Heath falsely took the UK into the Common Market which has morphed into this non democratic mechanism for seizing control of our laws (For Statutes), Freedoms, Public & Private Cash, Businesses and Systemic Mortgage Fraud also a way of life that generations before us fought to maintain.

An afternoon in the sunshine Parliament Sq, Where over the Rd many MPs &

Theresa May just killed Democracy? OR HAVE THEY?

Official Video - Leave Means Leave. As Ian Paisley Said. No Surrender.

The articles and information below are why we need to leave the EU. Corporations and Bankers have the Government in their Pockets. Its a 1930's tactic used by IG Farben & Deutsche Bank to Take Over A Country. This Is German Law Via The Back Door If You Allow it. The Last Time this happened Grandparents and Great Grandparents had to fight for the freedoms enjoyed since 1945. Now you have successive Governments that have been infiltrated over decades to bring down the UK economy.

If you want further supporting materials of the wider Govt/ European/ German objective the reduced deck and information is linked in the article Problem Reaction Solution.

Highlights of the Property Action Group slide deck can be found below.

This is to be used to support Mortgage Securitisation Claims discussions, claims begin later this year and helping those who have been defrauded of their property and finances by a Banking system that is controlled from within UK Govt departments undermining Businesses Individuals and the UK Economy. Or More Accurately Out Of Control. Ultimately financial theft at every level is taking place mainly in the unregulated finance space. Any Questions or pointers? Call +44 7976 302068.

IAN CRANE - Brexit Day Stolen By Incompetent Government.

THERESA MAYS 39 Billion Euro Treaty (Call it whatever you want - Backstop debacle etc) should be used to stop Austerity and Provide Food and Accommodation to take those on the streets off it then provide families with the security that many have paid into through previous generations.

The last time someone attempted this act of treason we had a Civil War, Oliver Crowmwell had his head removed and then became Lord Protector.

Then by all accounts cleared Parliament of the "Scum" that then took it on their own behalves to Lord it up and not be answerable to the people they represented.

Yesterday I saw a banner that related to this information near Cromwell's statue outside The Houses of Parliament.

Do not think the Payment to the US Banks (UK Gold) and 2008/9 crash are not connected.

Its the same treacherous parties, different faces lead by the guiding hand and manipulated as they are compromised through Financial Gain, Sex Stings or The Parliament Paedo Ring that will come to light yet again possibly after further Hillary Clinton server emails are exposed.

Clip Curtiousy of Andy Cooper

The same Corporate - Merchant Bankers that pulled the strings on that exercise are at large here whether you want to call them Rothschilds, Warburg be it FED or BoE this time its a 39 Billion Euro payment they are taking out of the coffers as a "Theresa May Treaty Tarrif" Theresa May being an ex Bank of England Rothschild plant as was Paedophile PM Ted Heath.

Do Your Research.

UK Government and the PM - Theresa May - Takes Its Orders From Senior Civil Servants in Westminster. Such as Olly Robbins.

Nigel OUTS Olly Robbins in the European Parliament

Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst Is A German Intelligence Department known as G02 working within Whitehall, The Cabinet Office, GCHQ, MI5 and MI6. Michael Shrimptons Videos and Harry Beckhough, both UK Intelligence operatives explain the history and recent operational knowledge they have about Ted Heath and Roy Jenkins both being German spies or bought by the corporate control of the banking institutions. As have many of our so called leaders. These spies are at large today and run the Governments in full knowledge of your MPs. The system is broken and they aren't going to fix it as they are making money out of it or compromised.

Hopefully this is a wake up call to many and underlines the fact that as i've quoted in many Property and Bank related fraud articles that the MP's are the Bottom of the Banker food chain.

The Bankers and Corporate's we can refer to as Bilderburger's or similar Club of Rome, Skull and Bones et al.

Note the Skull & Bones on Hans Kammler SS Uniform.

If you are not aware of the reduced Property Action Group slide deck a good starting point if i were to pull out significant videos and slides to quickly bring the non informed up to speed of History since the 1920's the following slides give that potted history.

This information is with APPG Bankings Heather Buchanan also how the mortgage frauds take place that started me on this path 2006/ 2007.

Battlefield To Boardroom

The second video has now be taken down?

29.3.19: 10,000 International Troops this weekend

are on active service War Gaming with the UK Navy?

May planning for a worse case scenario - Riots as Brexit they have gone against the will of the people? Not because of delays at ports etc. She and her team should have project managed these scenarios in so there weren't any problems. Standard operational stuff.

HMS Albion leads amphibious forces for exercise - 10,000 troops from 13 countries

5G - The Plan To Kill You. Agenda21

Interview with John Kitson. Must Listen.

Read & Understand. Review & Think of Your Family. Act.

Relevant Materials and Resources:

Agenda 21 is a Global Issue US, UK, Europe.

Population Cull, Centralisation, Genocide!! Worldwide.

Agenda 21 is No Longer A Conspiracy Theory -

Its A Fact.

Search Your City.. Agenda 21.

5G The Plan To Kill You - Military Grade Technology.

You Can Be Tracked & Terminated at the Extreme.

You can be Socially Isolated from a Credit Perspective?

Resources & Materials To Watch - Be Informed.

How Can This Be Allowed To Be Implemented?

MP's & Councils are Compromised. They are at the bottom of the Corporate & Banker Food Chain.

The FCC Have to Prevent Lawsuits As The Technology Cant Be Insured Against - Sacha Stone Video. City Councils Can Be Sued By The Wireless Industry For Exposing The Technology.

SMART - Secret Militarised Armaments in

Residential Technology.

UK 400,000 5G Masts Planned. Not So SMART?

Related 5G & SMART Technology Articles


MARK STEELE & SACHA STONE Explain What Happens When You Mix CHEMTRAILS With 5G Technologies. Remember the Ready Brek Adverts Making You Glow In The Dark?

Chemtrails Contain Metalised Nano Particulates.

When used with 5G Technologies this gives the ability to identify you in your home 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

Nano Particulates impregnate our DNA. When used with 5G Monitoring techniques we show as phosphor glow behind concrete and within buildings.

You as a human being are already impregnated with a glow in the dark technology when coupled with 5G monitoring capabilities.

Ian Crane 1st April 2019

Lou Collins - John Kitson Discuss 5G, Smart ?Technology, Health & Cancer Clusters

U.K. Government, Parliament, Monarchy, Media and other public servants have failed in their constitutional duty to uphold and protect our nation's constitution and our sovereignty.

They have therefore committed treason and have no lawful authority. The masses need to know and acknowledge this then challenge them.

We need to enforce our natural and common law constitution as soon as possible. If this goes unchallenged they are more likely to get away with everything else.

This could possibly be the last opportunity to assert that it is the people that are in charge of our government, constitution and government are supposed to be our servants and administrators.

The Bradbury £ No Debt. Value Based on The Wealth of The Nation. Justin Walker.

Unfortunately It Isnt Her Decision.

It Was Already Made.

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