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The Economist. SGT Report. Yellow Vest. Winds of Change.

The following articles and observations from informed reporters indicate that the Year of 2019 will bring much change. The knowledge we now have of an Inside Job within the UK Finance operations within Treasury and HMRC indicate that this has been coming to a head in the last 10-15 years but i feel its about to peak any time soon.

There will be a change in the reserve currency from $$ Dollars to SDR. The SDR is the Special Drawing Right.

The Value of the SDR

The value of an SDR was initially the equivalent of one US Dollar at the time or 0.88671 grams of gold. When the gold standard changed over to a floating currency system, the SDR instead became valued as a basket of world reserve currencies.

Currently, this basket includes the US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, and British Pound.

Every five years, the IMF reviews the components of the currency basket to make sure that its holdings represent the most widely used global currencies. It is possible that when the next review takes place in 2015, more currencies may be considered than the current four. Recent speculation that the IMF might add the Chinese yuan (CNY) would make it the first emerging currency to be added to the IMF's reserves.

The SDR's interest rate is used for calculating interest due from members of IMF loans paid from SDR holdings. SDRs are allocated by the IMF to its member countries and are backed by the full faith and credit of the member countries' governments.

Today, 1 SDR = 1.3873 US dollars, down a little more than 10% over the past 12 months versus the dollar, a result of the relative strengthening of the dollar against the three other currencies in the SDR basket.


Yellow Vest

The high-visibility garment that has become synonymous with the French protests is an ingenious modern uniform of rebellion.

Someday the “gilet jaune,” the fluorescent yellow hazard vest that has become synonymous with the French outcry over fuel prices, growing income inequities and much more, will end up in a museum as one of the most effective protest garments in history.

The Economist

Understanding the Tale Told By The Economist Cover

The IMF (New Reserve Currency SDR) Rothschild Pizza Gate Podesta McCann Occult Linkage

The Abstraction

Insolvent Deutsche Bank Fraudsters - A litigation hypertext from

Deutsche Bank Raided in Laundering Probe Going Into 2018

For the beleaguered German lender, the raid adds to a panoply of headaches -- commercial, regulatory and legal -- facing Chief Executive Office Christian Sewing, who took over in April, and Paul Achleitner, chairman since 2012. The stock has lost almost half its value this year, after sliding more than 3 percent on Thursday. The cost of insuring its junior debt against losses jumped 12 basis points to 384 basis points, the highest in two years, according to data compiled by CMA.

“This must be associated with criminal behavior and not just a trivial offense,” said Stefan Mueller chief executive officer of DGWA, an investment advisory boutique based in Frankfurt. He believes the bank will now be paralyzed for months until it becomes clear how it will be affected by new potential fines. “Maybe this time, Achleitner will fall. The bank needs fresh blood to make a radical cut at its management.”

From World War 2 , Nazis to Banksters & Crimes against humanity..

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