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Transferwise - Borderless Account

Http:// The news just keeps getting better! 1. Setup your borderless bank account for free 2. Get your tokens 3. More than a dozen tweaks to make your experience even more rewarding bruce, be sure you and your team use the link provided for future benefits and to setup your Transferwise borderless Bank Account to accept and receive your donations in over 60 local currencies. Be sure to use the link on your dashboard. You can purchase Tokens in advance in lots of 5, 10, 100 or more to Activate new members that don't have a credit card or crypto account, this allows them to get started without delay. Tokens are purchased with Bitcoin or Dash Coin. The link is on your dashboard. And, we have implemented dozens of items that you may not see, but are working in the background and all are designed to to help you receive more donations. So, as David says - Let's get Busy With It!

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