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Politics & Finance - Behind the Veil

My property experiences in the last eleven years and potentially before this as covered in The Big Picture 1, 2, 3 on the Tangent Site have helped expose what actually goes on "Behind The Veil"in the world of banking through property purchase.

The financial instruments we create in a property purchase and how they are actually put to use by Bank operators would make many have sleepless nights if the truth were told.

For this reason and some of the activities i have now been undertaking with third parties to make progress in exposing these crimes against humanity, as this is what they are, better understood, please take the time to view Humanitad founder Sacha Stone discussing with Robert David Steele what is required to make the world a safer place for our children, grand children and those who follow us.

David Steele lists the threats to humanity as identified by the United Nations.

1. Poverty

2. Disease

3. Environmental Degradation

4. Interstate Conflicts

5. Civil War

6. Genocide

7. The Trading of Women and Children - Paedophilia, Sex trafficking.

8. Proliferation

9. Terrorism - false flag events and mis reports. True terrorist activity is low, manufactured events are committed by those in power promoting fear.

10. Transnational Crime.

Governments and those involved directly with 1-10 also MPs who have knowledge of this need to come forward and begin dialogue with ITNJ.

On meeting my MP no names and mentioning this subject as we now have to ask questions in Parliament i was labelled an anti semite and conspiracy theorist.. I had to point out i had the facts to support my statements and he hadnt read any of the information that was the foundation for the slot provided which was too little for such an important subject matter.

The Expose' Continues.

3/12/18 PM.

In communication with APPG Banking, MPs and ITNJ further information was received to support the abuse and links to UK Finance in the form of a video.

The content and progress from this line of questioning will be found here.

email to MPs on file in APPG Bankings Fraud Folder.

Why nothing ever comes to the surface when trying to expose financial crime is that the secrecy with Parliament around child abuse dictates that whichever Party gets into power..

Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.. Mayer Amschel Rothschild..

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