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Legacy Gold - Bullion


Take a wander through the pages of our Corporate Brochure and acquaint yourself with the unique Culture that is Legacy Gold.


To offer a Business Opportunity which anybody can build in order to secure their financial future; where people from all walks of life can enjoy a lifestyle they desire, safe in the knowledge that their destiny and security is truly in their own hands.


To build a global Business in line with our Mission, creating a Culture which encourages personal growth and development, where people help themselves by helping others in turn, to create a Legacy of their own.

Take a Look

Shaun Charity (Chief Executive Officer)

With over 28 year' experience in Direct Sales and FMCG, both in senior corporate positions and in the field, Shaun has been instrumental in developing some of the most dynamic companies in the industry and mentoring some of the most successful individuals.

Highly respected in the sector, Shaun spent time as a Council Member of the Direct Selling Association, the industry's regulatory and policing body, having been elected by his peers. He has worked with government bodies, including the OFT and ASA to ensure the reputation, integrity and ethics of the industry and companies operating in it, are maintained.

In addition to developing a vehicle for people to build their own home-based businesses, Shaun's Vision is to create a platform for individuals to learn from others and in turn, help people to become aware of the ability which we all have, to design and live the life we really want.

In his own words:

"Most people go through a formal education but we should never stop learning. I've learned things that I never would have believed ten years ago. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to every person that has helped me along the way. Now I want to share what I've learned, along with the help of thousands of other people, with as many people as I possibly can.

Through the Legacy Gold Opportunity, we aim to help people with more than just their incomes... we will help them with their lives."

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