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USI Tech Does It Work? or Is It A Scam?

USI TECH – Does it work?

USI TECH: Okay, I was browsing around on Facebook one day and came across a video posted in a group that I am a member of for the colleagues at the company I work for.

He explained that he was able to retire a staggering 13 years early due to using USI-TECH’s system and only with €50/£50 initial cash injection into their product BTC Packages. It took him 4 1/2 months to achieve a 6 figure annual salary and what seems to be a better life for him and his family.

After watching this video and because he was a trusted colleague I wanted to meet Michael so that we could discuss his recent success and to join in myself. I for one am not the kind of person to just throw money away and more importantly I have always steered well clear of get rich quick schemes.

What you need to know.

USI-TECH isn’t a get rich quick scheme and is a platform to increase your ROC at an amazing 140%. For instance for each package that you purchase you receive on average of 1% each day Mon – Fri. This daily figure fluctuates between 0.75-1.25% but this includes ROC. You basically purchase a BTC pack and this will run for 140 days, so after this time you receive 100% of your capitol plus a further 40%. You also have the option of withdrawing your daily returns or when it mounts up to then compound this to then generate a higher return.

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