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We've Left The EU. A Point of Law. 29.3.19

Not in the Media as Extinction Rebellion or 5G Rollouts but more ethical news has been omitted from our UK Press Releases and quashed by the UK Govt of Treasonous, Theresa May.

Robin Tillbrook's English Democrats put forward their perspective.

Parliament Square 29.3.19 Leave Means Leave March celebration.


Donald Trump and his Campaign Team famously developed the expression “Fake News” to comment on the left-liberal, blatant bias of the US mainstream media.

In this country I think the mainstream media are at least as biased as the US media.

For the last three years or more we have had wall to wall and utterly shameless and blatant Remainer bias from the BBC and all the other main broadcast channels on any topic relating to Brexit.

Charles Moore on last week’s Question Time brilliantly exposed the BBC’s and Question Time’s bias against Leavers, whilst the BBC’s Fiona Bruce desperately tried to shut him up!

The mainstream media’s bias however goes much further than disproportionate coverage to include outright censorship of any story which goes against their internationalist, left-liberal bias.

I think few stories illustrate this better than the coverage of our case.

The English Democrats are bringing a High Court case using the Judicial Review procedure to sue Theresa May and the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (Case No. CO/1322/2019). We have a strong case that, according to law, the United Kingdom left the European Union on the 29th March at the expiry of our two year notice period which was given under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

SGTreport: BREAKING – BREXIT HAPPENED ON MARCH 29th! (And A Julian Assange Update)

April 17, 2019 5 1722

Brexit happened on March 29th, and the MSM is entirely ignoring it, but Sean dives into Brexit and more with this true UK Patriot & Activist…

Graham Moore interviewed by Sean on SGTreport

This is breaking news that the mainstream media is entirely ignoring. UK patriot and activist Graham Moore joins me in this exclusive interview to explain how Brexit happened on March 29th, as Moore explains “It’s the law of the land”.

Gina Millers Article 5o Backed By Significant Parties and

Deutsche Bank

After hours of discussions with QCs and former judges, I believe the British Government’s extension of Article 50 is unlawful.

It is a fundamental principle of UK constitutional law that the Government may not use its powers, including its powers to make international agreements, to frustrate the intention of Parliament.

Parliament’s intention is to be found, and is only to be found, in the laws it makes. Resolutions of the House of Commons may sometimes be politically important, but they are of no legal effect unless an Act of Parliament expressly gives them legal effect.

The Murder of Seth Rich

Theresa Mays Financial Dealings In The Destruction of Syria Linked to The Larger Plan of Financial Destruction of Western Nations.


With the plot of this film still hanging around my subconscious like a dark cloud I also happened to come across an article written in autumn of this year by an architect who is dying from cancer who wanted to confess to being complicit in the building of underground bases in Germany for the express purpose of training Islamic extremists.

Though I want to stress that as of yet I have still not found confirmation of this story, what rang the alarm bells in the last week was the following headline : Islamist radicals in Germany backed by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & Qatar – German media.

Also within the last week I was contacted by Mark Anthony Taylor and this ensuing three-part series resulted focusing on Deutsche Bank, gold and silver price rigging, connections to a “remain” vote for Brexit and even more important to my mind anyway, Deutsche Bank laundering money for Islamic terrorists commonly known as ISIS, though this is a many-headed hydra that goes under numerous different names often given the obscure label, ‘the rebels.”

It would seem quite possible, if we ever get to the bottom of this story, that Deutsche Bank, Merkel and Germany have had a far greater role to play in the genocide and wanton destruction of Syria than we have been led to believe.

Compounded by the fact that Russia, who has been wrongly accused of invading Ukraine and Crimea which voted in an internationally observed referendum to return to Russia, is beset on all sides, not only by Islamic extremists out of Georgia and Chechnya but these same terrorists fighting alongside the Nazi Junta that has persecuted the people of Donetsk and Lugansk in the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine. And funding it all has been manipulation and suppression of the gold and silver markets to the detriment of the financial security of Western Nations.

Here is part three of Mark Anthony Taylor’s attempts to expose Deutsche Bank.


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