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Why So Many Remainer's in Parliament?

Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together.

If You Were Complicit In A National Crime

At The Very Top Level.

You'd Have It Written into The Agreement

That ........ Your Arse Was Protected?

The top 40 horrors:

  1. From the offset, we should note that this is an EU text, not a UK or international text. This has one source. The Brexit agreement is written in Brussels.

  2. May says her deal means the UK leaves the EU next March. The Withdrawal Agreement makes a mockery of this. “All references to Member States and competent authorities of Member States…shall be read as including the United Kingdom.” (Art 6). Not quite what most people understand by Brexit. It goes on to spell out that the UK will be in the EU but without any MEPs, a commissioner or ECJ judges. We are effectively a Member State, but we are excused – or, more accurately, excluded – from attending summits. (Article 7)

  3. The European Court of Justice is decreed to be our highest court, governing the entire Agreement – Art. 4. stipulates that both citizens and resident companies can use it. Art 4.2 orders our courts to recognise this. “If the European Commission considers that the United Kingdom has failed to fulfil an obligation under the Treaties or under Part Four of this Agreement before the end of the transition period, the European Commission may, within 4 years after the end of the transition period, bring the matter before the Court of Justice of the European Union”. (Art. 87)

So Where is The Money Coming From To Pay All These Guys Off? ........ You!!

Why Do So Few MP's Find A Solution?

They Are Compromised And/ Or

Whipped Into Silence!!

The Theresa May's Deep State Deal.

Inside Job & Cover Up Expose' - Mark Taylor.


Banks Own The Process In Blue.

Banks Own The Regulators.

Revolving Door Principles?

No One Goes To Gaol Apart From The Sacrificial Lambs. £245M loans scam.

But its Far Bigger Than This.

£190 Billion a Year. Anthony Stansfeld.

The Police & Legal System Is

Controlled By Govt.

Who Is Controlling Our Govt?

CLUES...... DVD G01, G02


See Slides and Decide For Yourself.

Securities and Mortgage Securitisation Fraud Will Impact 10-11 Million Home Owners.

Mortgage Backed Securities Go To Make Up Pension Portfolios. RMBS Residential Mortgage Backed Securities.

Example of Securities Fraud.

Uplifting the Price Twice In a Day. Value Gone.

Bubble Created.

Then Not Delivering the Spec?

Even More Profit For Villains, When The System Protects Them, Not You.

The Dylan Harvey Scam Was Not An Isolated Case.

Its Systemic.

They are all the same in principle but differ slightly in practice..

The Case That Didn't Get To Court.

DHG Collapsed The Company As We Collated The Evidence and Got Closer To The Core Issues.

The Banks Were all Controlled By The City Cartel of Rothschilds?

The Surveyors All Completed The Bank Process Paperwork.

You had to use DH Solicitors, Surveyors, Their System.

Rigged!! By Design.

The Auditors Coopers Didn't Find A Problem Apart From a Few Irregular Issues? Nothing to See Here?

Nothing That Would Find A Central Problem Pointing At Organised Fraud?

Definitely Nothing To Point To FSA, FCA, HMRC & Treasury Involvement and Collusion.

FSA, FCA Nothing To See Here?

It Took A Few Years, Blind Alleys and Many Interviews To Work This Element Out.

Every Piece of Data Helped Build The Picture That Was

"The Model for White Collar Crime UK".

Call 07496 300789 And Ask About Mortgage Securitisation Claims

Blair Has Emails To Hilary Clinton's

Child Trafficking Operation.

So Do Other UK Well Known Parties.

Whose Who In UK Paedophilia

John Mark Duggan.

It runs at least as deep as you think. I had a journalist look at a small sample of the Epstein files with me

(7 out of 700+ videos for a few moments each) and I recognized two people.

One I can't place but I know he's famous. The other was or is a top ranking member of a media network.

From Russia with Love!

MI5/ MI6 Involvement in Deep State Cover Up.

Key Individuals Identified on Epstein Videos

Now on Russian Servers. For Safekeeping.

Theresa May Stops The Banking Tribunals

Theresa May Distorts

The Paedophilia Investigations

Theresa May Sells Defence Out To Europe?

Our Street Light Infrastructure

Has Been Weaponised.

Defence Energy Weapons On Our Streets.

SMART meters. Emit Toxic Radio Signals.

WiFi, SMARTmeters, LED Lights Plus EMP=

Compartmentalised Bomb

Resilient Cities = Corrupt Bought Management

United Nations/ Common Purpose Controlled

Agenda 21. 2030. Taxed To The Hilt.

Pushed To Extremes - By Design.

GMCA Silent Weapons Quiet Wars

Shocks & Stressers.

Where Do You Start Your Investigations?

Where Does The Queen Come Into This?

Research Why 260 Lords Would Not

Take An Oath of Office To HRH Liz II ?

Then Tony Blair The War Criminal

& HRH Liz II Dumped Them?

Replaced them With The Supreme Court Judges

(Easily Controlled) Paid For Decisions.

Maritime Law Courts. Legalese & Entrapment Merchants

Lord James of Blackheath - Goody. Points a few issues out to Lords. Lord Plunket - Baddy

Tells him to Keep Quiet.

And Who Is Gregory Hallett?

Joseph Gregory Hallett

Read By Bill Cooper

and Placed Into Behold A Pale Horse

Milton William Cooper

American conspiracy theorist

Milton William "Bill" Cooper was an American conspiracy theorist, radio broadcaster, and author best known for his 1991 book Behold a Pale Horse, in which he warned of multiple global conspiracies, some involving extraterrestrial life.

  • Born: May 6, 1943, Long Beach, California, USA

  • Died: November 6, 2001, Eagar, Arizona, USA

  • Cause of Death: Gunshot

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